EXTRA! Special Olympic Edition #2 – You CAN Win Them All!

2008 Preparing for Excellence Series – Special Editon – Issue 15

2008 Beijing Olympics

The 2008 Olympics have closed, and the country can start getting to sleep before midnight this week!

As a former competitive swimmer, the most memorable part of the event for me was watching Michael Phelps make history by winning 8 gold medals. He set new world records, won every event he entered, and laid to rest comments that winning eight gold medals would be highly unlikely.

Phelps also laid to rest the commonly heard phrase – “You can’t win ‘em all.”

People often fall back on this phrase to take the pressure off and console themselves when they know they could have done better but didn’t. Worse still, it’s usually said with a tone of conviction, as though striving for perfect results all of the time just might not be worth it.

But Phelps destroyed that rationale; he proved you can, in fact, win them all.

Phelps had total conviction about his ability to win. Like Phelps, you too must develop a conviction that when you meet with prospects you have the right to expect their business. You have a right to expect success because you’ve prepared excellently and you’ve performed professionally.

While everything may not go your way on the day, it certainly will not if you do not approach prospecting thoroughly prepared and expecting to perform perfectly.

Just like successful Olympians do:

  • Eagerly anticipate the opportunity.
  • Build effective habits that increase expectancy and certainty.
  • And as you saw with Phelps winning a race by a hundredth of a second – never, ever relent or ease off until the result is final!

To borrow the modern Olympic Games’ motto (Citius, Altius, Fortius):
Start faster, aim higher, finish stronger,

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