Be a Calm in the Midst of the Storm

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In this issue: Provide a refuge in the midst of upcoming holiday frenzy.


The holidays are coming – that hectic time of year, when almost everyone is frazzled, trying to add shopping, parties, and decorating to their already packed schedules.

It’s a perfect time for you to stand out from the crowd by being a calm refuge in the midst of the swirling storm of activity! How? All it takes is asking a few key questions (and genuinely listening to people’s answers). Not only will you provide others with some respite, but you will also get great insight into what is important to them and see if they might be a good fit to work with.
Even when we are trying to engage people in conversation, we often ask closed ended questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” “Do you know…,” “Did you think…,” or even “Did you consider…” phrases all allow hearers to shut the conversation down with a simple one-word reply.
Take the opportunity, especially at this time of year, to show genuine interest in others, letting them see you care about how they think and feel.
If you pay attention, you’ll soon start hearing lots of people commenting on how fast this year has gone by. (It happens every November and December!)  You can respond by saying, “It’s amazing how it always feels like time speeds up the last half of the year! Tell me, what was the most important thing you achieved or completed this year?
When people express their amazement that 2012 is right around the corner, you can reply, “Yep, it’s hard to believe another year’s gone by! What’s the biggest thing you learned this past year?” or “…tell me, what was your biggest surprise this year?”
After authentically listening to their answer, you may go on to ask them about a disappointment or a meaningful celebration they had in 2011. Keep pressing deeper: “What made it most memorable?” “How did you feel immediately after that happened?”
By listening intently before you respond or tell them about your experiences, you can learn about objectives, both met and unmet, and then easily transition the conversation to their future plans. This shows that you can listen, learn what’s important to them, and work with them to make their 2012 objectives a reality.
Happy Holidays,

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