Use the Same Words; Just Make Sure You Redefine Them for People

What do you think when you hear the word “Integrity?” How about “Ethical?”

Although these words have been trashed by some within our industry, don’t shy away from using them. In fact use them, then define exactly what you’re meaning by them.

For instance, by ensuring you use the word “ethical” in your discussion with a prospect or client, you can clarify that today unfortunately there is a gulf between ethics and character. You can be an extremely ethical surgeon relative to medical standards, yet still cheat on a spouse.

By mentioning that for you and your business, the issue is deeper than that – that it is based on character issues which are, and will always remain non-negotiable, you show people how you think and what you value. By using language like that, you also make a compelling case to a person for having you influence their financial well-being.

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