Be Relentless

Earlier this week in the Olympic pool, the French men’s team pulled off a stunning upset, forcing the US men’s team to settle for silver in the 4×100 freestyle relay, with the final leg clearly showing that victory goes to those who never give up.

Going in behind Ryan Lochte, Frenchman Yannick Agnel knew he had his work cut out for him. Apparently however, he was not daunted. Approaching the turn, he had caught Lochte a little. Then Lochte unleashed a huge turn and put some serious yards on Agnel. This would have broken the resolve of many athletes. Not Agnel, however:  the guy just did not relent. Agnel charged at Lochte, inching his way closer and closer to the lead. There were several instances throughout the race where he could have chosen to be content with the silver medal, but that just wouldn’t do for Agnel. Finally Agnel pulled Lochte back, passing him with only meters to go and finishing ahead of him to win gold.   
It was a courageous example of never backing off, of finishing strongly no matter what the outcome may be. 
Do you approach prospecting the same way? Knowing you have to find that set number of perfect clients, do you stay focused until the end of your day or just accept that after 4pm, it’s a physical and emotional downhill to plod through until you decide to go home.
Do you let circumstances hinder you? Yes, we have an election approaching; yes, Europe’s a mess; yes, there are some serious fiscal issues on the horizon. So what? Why should that prevent you from putting forth your greatest effort each time you have a chance to move forward.
Agnel knew that Lochte had won the arduous 400 IM just days before, proving his physical and mental dominance over other swimmers. So what? Agnel simply focused on doing what he does best – swimming as fast as he can. His focus wasn’t on beating Lochte, he wasn’t thinking about silver versus gold medals, he simply locked-in on swimming as fast as he could. By doing that, the results took care of themselves. 
There are no guarantees you’ll come up with gold, but by remaining focused on doing what you do best and persevering regardless of the circumstances around you, typically the results are pretty impressive. 
Be relentless.

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