It Takes a Team

We’ve seen many outstanding individual performances by Olympic athletes these past 10 days, from Michael Phelp’s earning his 18th gold medal to Gabby Douglas’ charming mastery of the gymnastics equipment to double amputee Oscar Pistorius’ historic 400m run. Even though their final results are determined by the performances of each individual athlete, every competitor at the Olympics has a team behind them which is vital to their success.

Who’s on your team helping you achieve outstanding results in your business?

Your Coach
An athlete’s relationship with his or her coach is crucial. A coach provides an important outside perspective, identifying areas to improve which an athlete cannot see for themselves, providing accountability, offering encouragement, and bringing their expertise to helping design a plan that is best suited for that individual’s success. An executive coach will do the same thing for you as you build your business, giving you an exceptional edge over your competition.

Your Supporters
Successful athletes don’t do everything themselves – they have the support of their families. We see them in the stands, cheering for their children, siblings, spouses, and parents. Proctor and Gamble has even focused their Olympic marketing campaign around competitors’ moms. To perform at their best, athletes rely on others to take care of details, from driving them to practice each day to cooking their meals, so they can focus their energy on their performances. Don’t try to do everything in your business yourself – get help to take care of details where you are weak, freeing you to focus your time and energy on the activities where you shine and that have the greatest positive impact on your business.

Your Colleagues
Even individual athletes feel better and perform better when they have friendly, supportive colleagues. We’ve seen other swimmers, divers, and gymnasts cheering for their colleagues. Working alongside positive, encouraging people gives both athletes and advisors a great boost, while negative rivalries and infighting are distractions that waste tremendous emotional energy. As much as you are able, develop positive relationships with your colleagues.

Every great success has help along the way. Make sure you have your support team in place.

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