Let Everyone Else Worry

AdvisorBlast – Quick Tips to Accelerate Your Practice
2014 Olympic Special Edition #2

In this issue:  Don’t waste energy worrying about things you can’t control.


Right on cue, the pre-Olympics drama began. For Sochi it was venue questions, political rumblings, and controversial social issues, each grabbing the headlines with more intensity as the event drew closer.

When I was speaking at an event last week, an audience member asked how much these issues would have distracted the athletes in the midst of their final preparations for competition.

Answer: Not at all.

The best athletes at this level don’t let circumstances that are beyond their control bother them. They can’t do anything about international politics, media hype, or even village living conditions. And frankly, they don’t care about any of them anyway: they are there to perform at their best, putting everything on the line, knowing they are responsible for their performances, with no excuses.

How focused are you in your business? Too many advisors pay too much attention to things they can’t control. Decisions by the Fed, global unrest, and Washington’s antics are issues to be aware of, but they should not be permitted to influence your mood or become excuses for being indecisive.

Like today’s Olympians know (and accept), there will always be plenty of drama surrounding the Games. While the athletes might hear about it, they also know the circumstances are the same for everyone; it comes with the territory. Instead of worrying about issues they can’t change, they take care of the things they CAN to keep them headed toward their most desired outcome.

In addition to external distractions, athletes must also contend with changes in the midst of their event: ice gets sticky as more performers compete; changing light affects visibility as skiers speed downhill at over 80 miles per hour, suddenly the clear skies earlier competitors enjoyed begin dumping snow. Even then, great athletes don’t complain about the changing conditions. They’re professionals: they don’t moan, they take what comes, they stay focused on what they’re trained to do, and they complete the task at hand thoroughly, without excuse.

How are your clients seeing you respond to the ever-changing conditions in our industry?

Be Distraction-Proof!


As a professional speaker and executive coach, Paul Kingsman helps financial services professionals successfully grow their businesses by taking practical daily steps to achieve outstanding long-term results. Combining his experiences as an Olympic medalist and his background as an advisor, Paul understands how to stay focused over the long haul, as well as the unique business challenges faced by advisors. Through his speaking and executive coaching he equips them to overcome distractions so they can get the money they need, the clients they want, and the time to do what they love.

To find out more about how Paul can equip you or your team to achieve outstanding results, visit paulkingsman.com/coaching or email him at Paul@PaulKingsman.com

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